Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or considering investing in income properties, vacation properties or timeshares, this is the one event you do not want to miss.

Meet face to face with real estate developers from around the world. This is a unique Real Estate Development Expo because you can interact and ask questions directly with real estate developers. Meet with experts in travel, tours, financing, mortgages, time shares, renovators and more.

There are also seminars throughout the expo where leading real estate investment experts share the strategies they use to make money in real estate. You may also attend an expert panel discussion where you can ask questions directly to the experts.

In essence, if you have any interest related to buying real estate for income, vacation or investment purposes, this is an event for you!

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Do you have homes, condos or vacation properties to sell? Do you have offerings related to real estate? Renovating, Decorating, Financing, Travel, Tourism, Accessories, Education, etc.

Are you interested in real estate investments, investment strategies, financing options, new trends in real estate, vacation homes, condos, time shares, travel and more?

Real Estate Developers Expo’s bring International and Local Developers, as well as related businesses to connect to the local public of investors, purchasers, retirees, vacationers and many more.

The event provides all attendees the opportunity to view multiple investment choices all under one roof, giving them valuable face to face time. It is providing smart marketing for the developer and brilliant shopping for the investor.

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Learn from educational speakers who will provide free information on real estate investments in various regions of the world and related topics.

Now is the time to take advantage of low prices and gorgeous properties which will generate an attractive return on your investment.

To view a list of possible types of exhibitors, click here.


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